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Are you looking to have WINTER FUN delivered to your door-step?

ICE BULB has launched SNOW IN A BOX and you can now enjoy the experience of having snow delivered right to you anytime, anywhere.

General Info and Pricing:

  • Each order contains SEVENTY pounds of snow and comes in two THIRTY FIVE pound boxes. $95
  • Delivery ranges from $35-$75 depending on location (call for details)
  • We offer will call in our Placentia production facility at no additional cost.
  • Delivery availability offered SEVEN days a week.
  • HOLIDAY rates apply with minimum order

Snow Accessory Kits: COMING SOON

Snow Add-On’s: ice sculptures, cocktail ice, custom holiday ice décor

Call 877-423-2852



Where does the snow come from?
The snow is made in our Placentia production facility. We use 300lb blocks and shaved them down into fresh powder.

How does the snow arrive?
The snow comes in two insulated boxes.

How long does the snow last?
Most often times you can get minimum an hour or two but this depends on the amount of the snow purchased. We also recommend keeping the snow out of the direct sun-light to allow for a longer play experience.

How much snow do I need?
One order of seventy pounds is good for 2-3 kids ages 2-5 years old. It is recommended to have additional orders for older kids.

Does the snow melt?
Yes, the snow melts! The melt rate depends on the temperature, sun exposure and use of play.

What are you delivery times?
Currently we are delivering by appointment only. Please call us at 877-423-2852 to see our current schedule.

How long in advance is the snow made?
We made snow 24 hours prior to your delivery time to provide the finest quality snow.